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Features of a Good SLR
Date: Sunday 15 August, 2010

You might have practised numerous effects and features of many digital cameras. And we have been so amazed with its cutting edge technology and outstanding applications. So what is this skill expertise and notion behind these incredible characteristics that give us ample choices to get the finest pictures? And how does it work to give such an exceptional quality? Let’s dwell upon the essential fundamental construction of digital SLR cameras.

Sensor size

As the size of image sensors alters, the largest are the ones that are used in ‘medium format’ cameras. They are used through digital black that can be used as a proxy to a film black. Except the medium format, the main sensors has been referred to as full frame which are the size of 35 mm film i.e. 135 film of image format 24 × 36 mm. Obviously these are mainly used in highly expensive digital SLR like canon EOS, Nikon D700, Nikon D3 and Sony alpha 900. But many latest DSLRs use smaller sensor mainly APS-C size of 22 mm × 15 mm. This is smaller than the size of APS-C film frame.

Angle of vision The angle of vision of a lens rely upon its focal length and the image size of a camera. A sensor smaller than 35 mm film format presents much slender angle of view for a lens of a specified focal length than the camera with a full frame sensor. The factors by which the focal length of lens can be multiplied to give full frame equivalent focal length are referred to as ‘crop factor’ and ‘focal length multiplier’. So the DSLRs with ‘crop’ sensor size have additional depth of field than the camera with 35 mm sized sensors for a known angle of view. Professionals who want to isolate a subject from the background usually desire shallower depth of field to portray their originality ingenuity with such cameras.

With such marvellous skill and characteristics, you can augment the appearance of every picture and memory to a large extent. The new options are appropriately installed in these devices that make your picture value extra-ordinary.

Features of a Good SLR
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